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Selling a home is a fine art!

Finding a home that fits your needs requires market analysis, property evaluation, marketing, negotiation... just to name a few of the skills we excel at. We are a talented, dynamic and experienced team with full brokerage services and a team of dedicated professionals to guide you all the way through from the moment you decide to buy or sell your home until long after the closing day. Fixing, painting, staging, organizing, moving... we know how overwhelming it can be, ourselves and our carefully selected partners are here to help!

Our mission is to make the biggest transition of your life go as smoothly as possible.

Jay Egan

Jay Egan grew up in Toronto and after graduation from Ryerson University with a degree in Business Administration, he started his career in Hospitality and Tourism Management in 1986. For 20 years, Jay successfully owned and managed large-scale commercial Hospitality operation Erl's Hospitality in Toronto's downtown core and Eganridge Inn & Spa in Bobcaygeon before getting into the real estate business. From the moment Jay bought his first house, at a very young age, building and renovating became his very passion, and he never stopped doing it. In cooperation with professional builders Jay built multiple homes over the last 20 years. And now, Jay brings unique knowledge and experience in business, hospitality and custom home building together to real estate, making him one of the top agents in Toronto with 100% listing sold locally and internationally.

Olga Lapshin

Olga Lapshin

Coming from a big city like Moscow, Olga can appreciate everything Toronto has to offer. Exploring the city and watching it grow over the past 15 years has been amazing. She truly believes that Toronto is the best city in the world to live and raise a family! Having a Masters in Economics has prepared her for challenges in business and has given her the ability to see past the noise, allowing her to focus on economic fundamentals. Market research, business organization, and project management are just a few daily routines for her. Olga is highly qualified, ambitious, and absolutely loves what she does!

Shelby Corson

Shelby Corson is the newest member of our team. After graduating Concordia University, Shelby realized her passion for real estate and interior design. She enjoys the excitement of the real estate market and is always ahead of the curve when it comes to finding out the hottest trends and market updates for her clients. Growing up in a family full of competitive athletes, having high ambitions and striving for a competitive edge comes second nature to Shelby. She looks forward to introducing you to the communities and lifestyle of some of Toronto’s finest neighborhoods.